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supercharged and stroked

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I have a 96 lt1 and was wondering if stroking and supercharging is possible. If so, what does anyone recommend? I'm looking for big numbers, but streetable. I want 600-650HP.
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you can supercharge it of course. i would recomend a vortech supercharger. it will run you about 3500. you can get one at or just do a search for one. as for stroking it. you can do that to, but i know very little about it. im pretty sure you can go to a 383 stroker, but im not sure.
Man I hope you're planning on h-beam connecting rods and forged everything with a setup like that. You'd most certainly want lower compression pistons and twin intercoolers, or else sh*t blows up. Also I think ATI Prochargers are the authority on supercharging LT1's from most all sources I've ever consulted. Combination Motorsports sells one of their kits, with a few different components for an awesome price. They recognize where the ATI kit falls short and substitute as necessary, they know what they're doing.
Do not supercharge the stock engine unless you want to rebuild it soon. The LT1's compression is too high to support a lot of boost.

No more than 4-6psi max on the stock pistons, any more than that and you're going to have to rebuild with some forged dished pistons to drop the compression.
Thanks for the help. I guess I kinda worded that question wrong. I ment stroking out the engine as well as supercharging it. I will be tearing down the entire engine. Does anyone know if doing both is possible and if anyway has done it? What is the safest combination of internals to go with for this type of setup?
its done all the time. 383 with blower, 396 with blower, etc. etc. Contact one of our sponsors like RPM or Victory Racing for more info. RPM is local to me and I'll say they REALLY know their LT1s.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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