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Steering column help

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I just brought home a 95 firebird vert, and have already found the first evidence of Bubba. Somebody replaced the steering wheel with a Grant GT. I knew getting into this that I'm going to need a proper one with an airbag to pass inspection, and now I need help knowing if I'm going to just need a wheel and bag, a whole column, or what.

The attached picture shows what I have after I pulled the wheel. Somebody cut some wires! Now I'm trying to "do my homework" here and looking at this site Install Steering Wheel with Radio Controls and Modifying Turn Signal and this How-To; Steering Column Repair - LS1TECH it looks like those wires are from the clockspring, and that Bubba didnt ruin my whole column.

I'd like somebody who knows these things to confirm that
A: both of those wire clusters are from the clockspring and buying another clockspring will solve that cut-wire problem
B: the fact theres two clusters instead of just the yellow-wrapped one means this car is set up for steering wheel controls
C: so I just need to buy a wheel with controls, air bag, and the correct clock spring, UNLESS I manage to get a whole column cheaper, but I dont NEED a whole new column

(yes I know my car has a boatload of miles. the engine and trans have been replaced so I'm not worried)


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fwiw here is my factory column with wheel and airbag removed. im in the process of replacing my steering wheel with a low mileage stock cause its got some wear on the leather. the yellow wire is for the airbag and gray wire for radio controls.

when im done i will have a steering wheel and airbag leftover. new wheel is being dropped off by ups sometime this morning.
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Thanks for replying. So my car did originally have steering wheel controls.

Well I work at a junkyard and managed to find a solution. We dont have any firebird stuff, but we have a ton of other 90s pontiac. I got a good deal on a 98 bonneville column that had been sitting in the warehouse for nine years. Took a chance and it worked. The clockspring and wheel are a direct fit, and it looks exactly like how I remember my 96 wheel looking. It wasnt one with the controls, but I'll deal without them. Somebody put in a piece of junk Sony head anyway.
yeah my radio controls don't work either. haven't since the day i bought the car in 2004 and replaced the stock tape deck with an aftermarket mp3 player. now i'm on stereo no 3 as of december.
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