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starting trouble

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i put fully charged good battery in car and lights come up removed the runnin lights box and it still comes up.try to start it and it just clicks replaced starter same thing any suggesttions
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First suggestion is to post make, model, year, and engine. That way members might be able to get a handle on your problem.

Is your security light staying on when you turn ignition key to on?
its a 97 trans am with a lt1 thats been bored to 383 the security light does not stay on its my brothers car and i just found out that the fuse box under the hood caught fire and his friend got him one and rewired it i dont know anything about wiring ive been trying to find a vid or a good diagram for it but im having trouble finding one for his not sure if its the fuse box or not i dont know y it caught fire its started after it got rewired but im not sure what else hes done between that and it not would help if there was a decent mechnic around where i live but all of them are drugies.
Find shoebox on here . He's got wiring diagrams at his site
Go to 4th gen section and open thread titled GM service manuals" It will have a link to download the factory 96 f-body service manual. It shares 99+ % of the info with the 97. It will have complete wiring diagrams, component location charts, pcm connector diagram, etc.

If you insist on 97 diagrams, go to BBB Industries- Premium Alternators, Starters, Power Steering Products They will have most of them, but not complete like service manual.
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