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starting the upgrades

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since I got my new to me 2000 Formula a week or so ago, been slowly starting the upgrades, first today the Formula rear bumper came off and the Trans Am went on. Next up for today although this will take me a while are rocker mouldings from a Trans Am with all attaching hardware, and best part about it all so far, the bumper and mouldings are black so no paint for me:thumbsup:
heres the bumper upgrade

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passenger side moulding on :thumbsup::thumbsup:, definitely a good day
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Where did you get the trans am bumper? And how much?
I got mine off eBay, for $150
Very nice! Now you just need a TA Spoiler
working on it, as soon as I have the funds, there is a guy on eBay that's about 3 hours away from me that has a few TA hatches, and a few of those are black, plus he'll only charge a minimal amount to switch out the hatches for me. so just waiting now, already have a TA front bumper on the way, and a ram air hood as well, cant wait.
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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