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Starting problems..

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Hey guys, I have a 1994 Formula(mild tunes: egr delete, headers, slp loudmouth II, msd optispark, and a tune from I think I may have an injector leaking down on me. In the morning it has an extended crank time, it'll crank crank crank away then finally start. I'll drive it somewhere turn it off come back out and it starts right up but it runs rough when starting to accelerating almost like it flooded out. If you rev it up and clean out the excess fuel it runs fine again.
I was told you can test the injectors with an OHM meter and there is an ohm range that they should be in, does anyone know those ranges? Or have any other input or ideas about this problem.
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If you think you have a leaking injector, you need to pull the rail up where you can see the injectors, pressurize the system and see what happens. The ohm reading will have no bearing on leakage. ~12 ohms is what a stock injector should read.
Okay... Ya I had a brain fart, I guess I am also curious if one of the injectors is bad bc a guy I knew had similar problems and he olhmd out the injectors and one of them was out of range. Thank you very much I am going to do that though...
While your here what is the fuel pressure suppose to read? Around 40's isn't it?
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