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Hey guys, just joined the forum because i can not figure out what else to do. I have a 1996 Camaro SS SLP that has been nothing but problems the last few years. It only has about 66,000 miles and about two years ago it stopped starting. At first i thought it was fuel pump because i wasn't getting any pressure and it still didn't fix it, long story short i bypassed the VATS and it started. About two weeks later it started giving me problems again where it would start fine while cold but after id run it for about 30 min and shut it off it would not start but the weird thing is that the needle fuel gauge would go way past full. i changed out water pump, thermostat, temp switch, ignition cap and rotor, ICM, coil, and fuel pump again. For about a day or so after i replaced the fuel pump it seemed to have fixed the problem but it is now not starting to act up again and not start after about 30 min and the fuel gauge is again going past full. :confused: Does anybody have any ideas on what it can be??? Thanks in advance!

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First suggestion is to stop throwing parts at the problem. Time to arm yourself with knowledge. The journey begins at lots of good lt1 info there. Next on to the 4th gen section where you can download the 96 factory service manual. Has about 7 or 8 hundred pages devoted to driveability, emissions, and electrical service.

Next get yourself an obd2 scanner, one that not only reads codes, but does running sensor scans. Much can be learned by observing the sensor readings. If you don't know what sensor reading mean, pm me with your e-mail address and I'll send you "sensor readings and what they mean".

Speaking of codes, there are silent codes that don't light the ses. Opti low resolution and 2 icm codes are among these. So scan for codes, you might be surprised at what comes up.

In sticky threads of lt1 engine section, is thread for testing the optispark. Open thread watch video, test opti.

Also check the electrical part of ignition switch located under the dash attached to steering column. It could be overheating after a short time and cutting power out to critical electronics.

Check basic stuff like battery cables, fuel filter, engine and pcm grounds. Get a fuel pressure gauge and run car with gauge attached and taped to windshield. See if fuel pressure drops right before shut down.
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