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Starter Problem!

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hi guys I have a 95 Camaro lt1 with a starter problem... so I go into my car and turn the key and you here like a ticking noise coming from the relays in the engine fuse box.. but no crank.. so what I did was took a start button and connected one side to the bolt on the starter and the other side to the other bolt on the starter and it cranks over and runs. but when I turn the key no crank... can someone help me out car has 36k miles but I bought it from someone who installed a new starter maybe installed wrong? but if it was installed wrong it would start with the starter button right? please help!!!:LS1LT1flag:
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Sounds like your security is locking you out. Is the light on?
You made two threads yesterday stating it cranked fine and had weak spark. Now its this?

You will not get very good help if you continue to make multiple threads, people will not connect them all and misdiagnose your issue potentially.

Again, please make only one thread pertaining to your issue.

It cranks fine by use te button I installed not from key... And the light is not on

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