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starter on a 94 trans am

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Alright so i just bought me a 1994 trans am, it has the lt1 5.7 liter engine. its a great car, runs strong and really fast. the guy i got it from mentioned that the starter is too close to the fly wheel and needs just a little bit of space and to put a washer between it. and now heres where it gets tricky for me, im pretty young and working on the car alone and dont really have anyone watching or guiding so i decided to see if a forum would help. but i need to locate the starter fix could someone guide me to it ?
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ref here is the setting in upper left cornew. Shims are shown in main pic they pull the starter further away from the flywheel to obtain the 0.020 inch or .5 mm. You can search on ' LT1 Starter shimming' and get more info.
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