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I have a 1995 Z28 and when I drive it for about 45 minutes, highway or city, it stalls out when I accelerate moderately or come to a stop. If I am easy on the throttle, I can keep it running, but from a stop it wants to die or if I accelerate more than 1/3 throttle while rolling. The car is not overheating and runs like a scalded dog when I first start driving it. When it dies and I try restarting it, it chugs a little and won't start. If I let it sit for about 10-15 minutes, it starts right up and runs good again for about another 10 minutes, then back to the same thing. I have replaced the TPS and the IAC from spares I had. I am torn between the MAF or the Optispark. :werd:

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Time to start testing. First thing is to get an obd1 scanner and read your codes. Ignition codes do not light the ses.

Even though your 95 has the 16 pin dlc it still is an obd1 pcm. If you happen to get or have a scanner that reads real time sensor data, I would keep an eye on tps, iac, maf, etc.

Might want to do a fuel pressure check to eliminate fuel pressure as problem. Tape the gauge to your windshield and drive car and see if pressure falls right when car starts acting up.

In the sticky threads of this section, open the diagnosing the optispark thread and watch the video. Do tests. also has opti and coil testing.

Take your icm to an auto parts store to test. Make them run several test cycles on it because icm likes to fail when hot. Make sure it, or new one has heat sink compound on it's back and on heat sink. Same stuff used on pc processor at home.

If you don't have a scanner capable of reading real time sensor data, you might want to turn your laptop or notebook into a powerful scan tool. First you will need a cable that connects car's dlc to usb port. Get at ALDL OBD1 OBD cable OBDI OBD2 engine codes Get the 16 pin one.

Then you will need a scan program. In 4th gen section, you will find a free obd1 scan program made for 94 & 95 f-bodies. It will even read abs & sir codes which no other scanner under about $1000 will do on our cars.

Also DataMaster, another good scan program is available as a trial version with 20 free scans and unlimited data playback at TunerCat DataMaster is good because it logs the data scan to a file that can be played back in real time. You can upload the file to a data sharing site and link it to the forum for help on troubleshooting.

Forgot to mention, changing a sensor often does not fix a problem because the sensor is not working correctly due to wiring, connector, engine & pcm ground and power supply problems, etc.
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