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Stalling and sputtering LT1 after dirt road.

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I have a 1995 Buick Roadmaster Wagon that I just got and am having some worrying problems! The car sat for a year prior to me buying it.

It revs fine under no load.

Soon as I start moving it surges. Gives gas, dies, gives gas, dies. If I lock the steering it kills it. If I lock the steering in park or stopped, no problem.

It was fine until today. A few days ago I took it on a dirt road under heavy load and bottomed out my trailer hitch and once somewhere mid section but that was about it. I went through many puddles as well. Drove it for 3 - 4 days after that. Noticed it was dripping a bit more oil than usual, but assume that was because of the vibrations and an old motor.

I also accidentally boosted the car positive on negative (don't yell at me), and saw some smoke come from the alternator (this was weeks ago). Blew a few fuses but that was it.


Wet opti? Could the alternator be causing this (I ran this car purely on battery when I needed a new alternator and it ran fine so I don't tihnk so) But I'm no expert.

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EDIT: Looks like the MAF was disconnected. Probably since I got it. Reconnecting it to no avail. Car still surges and stalls while driving.
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Well In my personal opinion, Your really not supposed to go through deep puddles or water with with an LT1 bcuz of the opti spark (as you know) Thats why Ive never seen an LT1 in a sand rail or dune buggy or mud crawler.
I would possibly suspect the opti spark and also the ICM. If you put those cables on backwards i could imagine it shorted something out in there.
Have you tried to run it for codes?
Where is it leaking oil at?
Also If the MAF was disconnected like you said that would help to explain the surges dies , surges dies, surges dies. Bcuz the engine is trying to figure out how much air is going in there for the fuel ( i think)
I think (if) the MAF was causing this and you just sit in your drive way and maybe crank it and try and keep it running then it might smooth out after a while because itll figure out the right mixture with the MAF re connected.
MAKE SURE that MAF hasnt been de-screened.
Also , Check your [ o2 ] sensors as well. If they are caked with mud or the wires are all torn up then I could see that a possible problem. Also, Did you hit anything hard that could be causing an exhaust leak ?
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