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Courtesy of Vendetta:

General Rules
1. Absolutely no trash-talking or flamewars. If you don't like somebody's thread, send a private message or e-mail to a moderator stating your problems with the thread rather than flaming the thread starter. If you have a problem with something that somebody has posted, either hit the ignore button or take your issues to private messaging or e-mailing to avoid hijacking the thread. There is nothing wrong with arguing a point, just make sure you state your arguments in a mature manner.
2. Do not post the following: web quizzes/surveys, racial slurs, nudity/pornography, paging threads, post-count threads, and use of the phrase "g*d damn". This is a clean, mature site and we wish to remain work-safe at all times.
3. Please do your best to avoid reposting old material by using the search button before creating a new thread.
4. Spamming will absolutely NOT be tolerated in any form.
5. Please avoid posting AAG-type material. In other words, always attempt to keep post material mature and relatively on-topic.
6. Do not link to controversial topics on other forums. This is how interforum wars such as the whole LS1tech vs SRTforums event get started, and we'd like to avoid another one of those.

1. No pics or links to any type of pornography.
2. No pics or links to dead animals.
3. No pics or links to people being killed. (no war movies)

1. Under the guidelines presented, moderators reserve the right to judge which threads belong and which do not and act on that judgement. If you have a complaint about a certain moderator's activities, present your complaints to one of the forum administrators.
2. Have fun and happy posting!
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Not open for further replies.