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so im down at the beach on the strip eating some food, and when im done i make one quick pass down the strip and start on my way back home. on the way i see a skittle turning right onto a road im waiting at a light to turn left on. i told my friend i hope he goes to the highway, and whadda ya know...he does. the skittle is red with a white honda following him and me behind the honda.

we turn right onto the last road before we get on the highway and a m3 comes up and starts to mess w/ the skittle. the light up ahead turned red and it was 3 lanes wide so the skittle moved over and i got next to him, but the other lane was taken by an old lady. we stop and he didnt look at me so i revved to about 2k and got his attention. he asked what i had done, and i replied cam and exhaust and he said he had intake and bov and maybe something else, no stage upgrades. light turns green, but the light a block away was red so i didnt launch (or take off fast for that matter). he did, but i didnt care to.

the road we were on merges with the highway, and we got stopped at the last light before it turns into an onramp, and when it turned green.....i well, murdered i slow down and wait for him to come up, and he said to slow to 55. we slow, and i put it in 2nd as he beeped 3 times. he took off a little before me, but i was ahead soon after. i just ran it thru 2nd and to the middle of 3rd and slowed down b/c it was pointless to keep going.

then a guy in a M3 cam up. dont know what mods, if any, but he had racing seats :thumbsup: i looked at him and he hit it, so i did as well, and it was no contest. as we were racing, a bike was coming on the highway and noticed up and he took off. i dont usually speed for long periods of time on the highway, just a race here and there, but i wanted to play with the bike, so i had to catch up.

i caught up and i asked him what size bike it was since it only said Ninja on it, and he held up 6 i pointed straight and revved at him, then slowly put it in 2nd and let the clutch out. apparantly there was some confusion b/c he motioned like he wanted me to hit it as he downshifted, i hit it, but he didnt go, so i let off the gas (still in 2nd and took it outta gear). i thought he was going to wait and try again, but he took off, so i hit it again. when he hit it, he was about 2 cars back, so he flew by me pretty good. by the time i dropped it back in 2nd, he was 2-3 cars up, and i made up quite a bit of space, and stopped his pull before he let off. only noticable mod was a slip-on.

then i was on my way home, and i saw a black lt1 Z come by me at about 75 (20 over the limit). so i naturally pulled in behind him. he saw me and accelerated a little more and then when we hit an open stretch of road he slowed back down. i pulled next to him and revved a little and put it in 2nd and rev matched and let the clutch out real slow. i waited to see his nose move, then i slowly rolled into the throttle. he had to have given up cause he didnt keep up at all, or he was stock. he had borla exhaust and wheels though.

welp, thats my story, thanks for reading :)
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