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spring retainer collision

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anyone ever seen this happen before?

roller tip rockers ate right into the spring retainers

it seems these rockers and these spring retainers aren't compatible, somehow.. :craz28:

i cant see how valvetrain geometry would do this, its pretty crazy

does anyone recognize these springs/retainers? apparently they're comp cams springs, but i dont know which ones..

retainer dmg 2 by rfesu, on Flickr

retainer dmg by rfesu, on Flickr
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I had that same thing almost happen on my 97 vortec 5.7 in my truck . I was going to run comp cams extreme rollers . Had it all set up and was turning engine over on stand and heard a click . Saw the outer edges of the self aling slot hitting retainer . Switched to cranes ultra gold race ones and it didn't . I don't know if some rockers go down a tad more than others or if some retainers set up taller . Don't think I answered your question but I do know what your talking about .
its weird that some valves did it and some didn't, if you look at one of those pics, #1 cyl is perfectly fine on intake but busted up on exhaust

i think i might just clearance the rockers themselves slightly around that contact point, since there's tons of meat on them... any thoughts? they're chromoly steel
I shaved the back side of the ultra gold to clear stock valve covers with no problem . I've heard of people clearancing them but can't confirm . I have close to 30,000 on mine no problem at all . On my ws6 I have the comp pro magnums and they clear fine but lift is only 510, 540 lift
what im thinking is, i'll see if i can find a better set of rockers used, but i dont have hundreds of dollars to drop on them right now, so i'll just slice 'em up until they dont hit anything

these things could stand to lose a few grams anyways, they're gigantic hunks of chromoly steel, and im only running cc915s under 6000rpm
I have seen this a couple times. It looks like the 787 comp retainer with the 648 locks running s/a Promags. As you can see this combo doesn't work. Not enough valve tip sticks up. Switching to the stock lock will gain some tip height by changing the setup height, or run nsa rockers.
so if i get stock locks with these retainers (im guessing you're right that they're 787s) they'll give me more clearance? that's kind of what i wanted to know..

do plan to re-use the retainers because i am a cheapskate and they haven't been hit very hard.

i've already chopped the self aligning part of the rocker down just a hair, but i'd like some extra insurance for sure..

well at this point since you have "ground" down the SA tabs on your RR.....just go all the way and grind them off and get guide plates and hardened PR.

Grinding off the tabs and not going with guide plates, I would assume would be like running NSA RR without guide plates. You stand a strong chance (read will) have your RR now slide around and possibly off the valve stem tip

stock locks (the part that really took the hits) are 7 degree. you need to match the retainer and locks. There are also 10 degree locks and retainers but I don't know if the 10 degree locks allow more valve tip exposed or not.

I would not run the motor with these parts and just ground down tabs on the RR
I had a retainer crack from a little valve float at 6k running 1.7 rockers with inadequate springs. If that's all it takes those scuffed retainers are on borrowed time. They have been weakened, replace them.

You could use a lock that places the retainer further down the valve, as long as you have at least .060 from coil bind left.

Grinding off the tabs on the rocker and using guide plates may work. I'd be extremely careful not to take off to much material. Also you'd need to go slow so the metal doesn't heat up to much, and make sure it is a very smooth surface after it's done. A sharp or high point will be a fracture point. The needle bearings will not like metal shavings and should be flushed thoroughly.

If it was me I'd have new retainers, NSA rockers and guide plates. Probably wouldn't hurt to pull the springs and have the pressures checked at a machine shop either.
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