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This high quality switch plate comes pre-wired and ready to bolt in. All labels and lettering is laser engraved into the plate. The "LS1" text can be substituted for your company or clubs logo for a small price. The plate includes the switches, wiring, bolts and engraving. We use Carlin switches with a 10A continuous current rating. The nitrous armed and bottle warmer LED's will light up when those switches are activated. All hookups and soldering is done in house. The wire is 16 gauge 600v tinnned marine primary wire, the connectors are also tinned and all panels come with both the male and female bullit connectors, so all you have to do is crimp your bare wire to them, and when you need to pull it out, you just unplug it.. They all come with sealed boots as shown to keep any moisture out.

Nitrous Panel $115

You can give us a call or use the link below to order yours off our website.

Shoot us an email or pm if you have any questions, as always have a great day!

(559) 348-0200
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