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LS1 SPEC steel billet flywheel F/S

Edit: lowered price, included flywheel being turned as well.

I know my post count is low & some don't trust people with low post
counts, but a quick trip to LS1Tech & LS2 plus a few other LS1 type
boards searching for the same user name I have will show that I've been
around a while, I just don't post everywhere.
This post is also on all of the LS1 type boards as well.

That said, this flywheel only fits an LS1, not an LT1.

Was installed it in March with a stage 3 clutch.
We removed it last month as we upgraded the clutch & flywheel.
This flywheel has only 16K miles on it.

Hi res pics here:

$150 shipped turned ready to bolt in.

SPEC sells these flywheels for $249 w/out shipping so your saving well
over $100.
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