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Most of these parts are in great shape, as they ended up being the wrong parts for the application so they have limited miles.

8pcs NGK 7405 Racing Spark Plugs, brand new: NGK Racing Spark Plugs R5672A-9 $15
Crane Valve Locks, never used: Crane Machined Steel Valve Locks 99097-1 -$15
Comp Cams 7 degree valve locks, never used: COMP Cams Race Valve Locks 648-16 -$15
Trick Flow 7" hardened pushrods, great condition ~1500 miles: Trick Flow® Chromoly Pushrods TFS-21407000 -$50
Sold as a set, excellent condition, barely ran, they didn't fit the rocker arms $100
Comp cams Valve Springs:
Comp Cams Valve Retainers:
Comp Cams Valve Locks:
Located in the Bay Area, CA, or I can ship these if you pay shipping.
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