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Some whine with your cheese?

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So guys I hear that rear end whine is common with ten bolts, who else has a whining rear end? Mine's done it for two years with no shavings or chunks of metal in the oil.
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ditto. mine has whined for several years. dont know about metal chunks.
Is this a 7.5" rear type o' thang? Because in the world of 8.5" rears, gear whine is a sign of poorly set gears.

And we won't tolerate it.

dunno my rear is stock with 142k. i think it started whining after a fluid change around 100k about 7 years ago. might be a bit louder now though?
i was told by a rearend guru that richmond gears are prone to whining? is that what you guys have?
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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