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So I think my car is for sale!

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It is something I have been thinking about for some time now and my feelings toward selling my car have grown stronger. The car is a champ, 400 hp dailly driven = No Problems! I absolutley love the thing, It got me through alot of hard times but due to the birth of my son and tighting finnancial situation and the need for family car... you know! This idea is not set in stone I'm just throwing it out there and not trying to be a stroker! If I were to sell it I have been looking at the new Acura TL. If I could find A good deal on a used one thats what I would do. Alright enough of my sap story.
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ill def spread the word .... that is a beautiful car u got much u lookin to get >
That's the thing, I'm not really sure what i want for it.
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