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smokey bandit 94 trans am

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I pondered doing this what are your opinions . I know people say it doesn't matter what other people think it's about what you think. I personally think it would be badass,but I don't think I'd like driving around looking like a joke so here is what I got.

94 firebird formula
What to do.
Trans am rhinoplasty
16x8 gta rims gold
Genuine 77 trans am hood scoop mounted through hood and sealed(basically not half assed) or maybe a smooth z28 hood mounted same way, I kinda thing the longer wider scoop would be nice.
Gold bird of course
mullet and cutoff shorts

I couldn't find a picture of what I'm looking for if u got one sweet 93-97 body only no raim air hood
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You have a great idea except instead of the 16inch honey comb wheels, you should use the aftermarket 18inch billet version. And instead of the shaker scoop, you should use a ws6 formula ram air hood, the one with the small snorcals with of course the gold bird on the hood with the mullet flapping in wind and the sun glaring off the aviators :)
Let me look through some pics I took at world of wheels . Think there was a 96 , 98,2000 smokey versions . Might get you some ideas . Also the 18" ones do look better
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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