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trying to figure out why after i set my valves, my fresh rebuilt 355 is hard to crank over, no spark plugs, throttle blades open, new charged battery, booster cables straight to starter, slow cranking, before i set my valves the engine was easy to crank by hand, but now its really hard to crank, with spark plugs in cant hardly crank it over by hand, tried to use the starter and melted booster cables, after i crank it with no plugs i can hear something under valve covers creaking, took valve covers off and everything looks normal, had some oil flowing out of a couple pushrods, the reason i was cranking it was to prime the engine with oil, just wondering if the Pac 1212x springs, or ls7 lifter, 1.6rr and hotcam would be causing this, kinda seems like its something to do with valve train, i only put 1/4 turn preload on lifters. Seems like without spark plugs when i rotate it by hand to goes good for a bit then brings up in something. springs binding up maybe? anybody have any thoughts on this? starting to think bad valve adjustment? bad lifter?
Did you ever get the oil to come out all of the push rods
1 - 1 of 23 Posts