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Recently just bought. My summer project only needs minor things but to stay on topic ive been driving the car to and from work about 20 min. Drive car does not over heat but the temp does rise slowly and is not where it should be. Under light load it stays a hair below the half way mark. And with a heavy foot it creeps up towards the 260 Line but i always make it to my destination before I can tell if ot will actually hit the 260 line or not. (When stopped the temp does drop a bit) last night went to visit my brother in silver spring md down 495 so I got on it a bit there and back got home parked it and saw a nice stream of coolant flow from under the car :mad: checked it this morning and saw it spilled through the res. Tank. I do have a 160 stat and fans do come on when engine starts. Thanks in advanced.
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