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shift kit choices...

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I have been getting the famous p1870 code in long drives "1 hour plus drives in s***y highways where I have to slow down and build up speed again" dew to my 3k stall converter with no tune.
I usually dont have any codes or anything while short drives or long drives in traffic in the city, usually I get them when im speeding and slowing down in highways so my torq converter does not have the chance engage.

changed my oil to check on residues of discs and none shown what so ever.

shifting is ok in all gears driving slow or at WOT even when the SES light shows up.

after reading a little I bumped that with a shift kit this code can be solved.
been looking into transgo and this superior kit:
Oregon Performance Transmission - Rebuild Parts for 700R4 4L60E 4L80E E4OD 4R100 47RE 48RE & More Superior GM 4L60E Automatic Transmission Shift Correction Kit W/ BOOST VALVE

if there are any other good shift kits or discussions about them I would appreciate them!
thank you for your help
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Get it tuned.
Get it tuned.
im just being lazzy hahahaha either way I want to install a shift kit for this trans while I build a stout one
I just wanted to put in my .02 and say that i have heard A LOT of negative things about transgo products....
I had a trans rebuilt at a shop with a transgo kit and it only lasted about a year but when I would hit the throttle hard you could feel my tranny shaking. Once I put in a different tranny without changing the mount it was a world of difference. Then again it could have been the shop that did the work.
Whatever you do, skip the Trango crap...

Of the two that you listed, I would choose the Superior, but I haven't used a "shift kit" in a 4L60E in decades...

The right combination of pump and valve body modifications, servo setup, clutch clearances, boost valve and orifice sizing are what it takes to make a 4L60E shift properly. Besides, if you're getting an 1870 code, chances are you've already got issues internally...
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