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To start us out....What is everyone's setup?

I am just finishing a new mill. Season starts at the end of May. :-\

406 sbc
10.6:1 compresion
Speed Pro Powerforged pistons
Eagle 5140 5.7" rods w/ARP capscrews
AFR 195 heads
Comp Custom Solid Roller - 236/242 - 614"/.629, 108 LSA
Crane Gold 1.6 roller rockers
Edelbrock RPM Air-Gap intake
BG Speed Demon 750 DP
Hooker 1 3/4" SuperComp headers

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My Setups...

'82 Camaro Berlinetta, V6 to '86 LG4/TH700. Engine mods include World Products S/R Torquer 305 heads that I ported, Crane 2050 Compucam, Hooker 2055 headers, 3" exhaust to an 80 series Flowmaster, all emissions-legal in Colorado. Tranny has a restalled to 2300 converter, Transgo shift modifications (Vette servo, .5 valve, etc.). 2.93 posi, 16" Z rims w/GS-C skins. Runs 15.7's here at altitude, tranny has a 2-3 shift at WOT "issue", so it was beyond the shift point in 2nd at about 1200' - with properly shifting tranny, would probably have been better. Translates to about a 14.7 at sea level. In the works is a ZZ3 shortblock that has been bored .030" over, Speedpro hypers w/slight dish (10cc total), ARP rod bolts, ZZ4 cam, to go with the rest of the combo already in the car. This year is the last time it needs an emissions test, so I'll probably get it tested b/4 the 350 goes in, and "forget" to put a few pieces back on.

My "other" car is my first car - 1957 Chevy Bel Air, which I've had since late 1971. Currently has a 396/TH400 from a '66 Impala, I've gone though it with forged TRW pistons (at least it was TRW when I did this in 1997), ported heads with stock 2.06/1.72 valves, General Kenetics 270 cam. The tranny has a TCI shift kit, ACC Boss Hog converter that stalls around 3500 (they call it 2800-3200). 3.73 8.2" 10-bolt & Powertrax, Hoosier 26x9.5x14 Quicktime Pro DOTs. With me in it, weighs about 3850 lbs. Best of 13.77 @ 97.1 at altitude; 12.94 at Topeka (on a run in which I lifted) at around 103 mph.

A lot of people run faster, a lot of people have better rides. All I can say is I'm the 2004 NHRA Div 5 Summit ET Sportsman champ and National runner-up with what I brung. I don't know it all, but I usually know when I'm over my head and I'm willing to learn!

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Let's see here.

1985 Trans Am

Just got the new engine running this weekend.

355 block
Forged Speed Pro pistons. @ 9.75:1
Dart Pro 1 200cc runner heads. 64cc chamber 2.02/160 valves
Cam Motion roller cam 227/232 dur .523/.529 lift
Comp Pro Mag rockers 1.52
Edelbrock RPM Air Gap intake
Holley 750 SA
Edelbrock Performer RPM nitrous
SLP 1 3/4 headers
SLP 3" 2otl catback
T5 trans
Spec stage 2 clutch
BW 9 bolt rear, 3.70 gears

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'86 firebird

crate motor 350
nothin special on the inside except for a cam swap
th350 trans9 bolt rearend with 383 gearing

What I would like to do......
Vortec heads machined for large cams
Performer rpm Air gap intake
100 shot of nitrous

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86 TA:
91 305 engine
SLP 1 5/8" headers
3" catback
Some sort of high flow (yea, sure it is) cat
Shift kit

Oh yea, and 14 pounds of boost.

89 GTA vert:

66 Mustang:
76 302, 89 GT heads
Edelbrock Performer
Carter carb, reworked a bit
214/224 .472/.496 FMS cam
95 T-5 (Saleen take-off special)
Mix+match 9" rear, 3.00:1 ratio (77 Grenade housing, 57 T-bird diff, who knows what else)
Factory 4 piston front disc brakes
Granada rear disc
TMC? front springs, 600#/in or something
Lowering blocks in back
Dropped front UCA's
Bigger front sway bar
Lots of extra bracing, and its still a pretzel

1996 Trans Am WS6

Stock shortblock
Lloyd Elliot heads with 2.00/1.56 valves, Combo motorsports 618 springs
XE 224/230 cam, 1.6 Comp pro mag rollers w/guideplates
LT4 ED timing chain
FLP longtubes, custom Y, cutout before axle
BBK 58mm TB
Tuning by me with LT1 edit
3.73 gears, Nittos

Formerly Automatic with 2800 vig converter, now M6 with McLeod street twin clutch.

On the auto, with the old 3.23s and ET streets I ripped off a 12.26 @ 110mph (7.90 @ 90) and 1.73 60ft.

After the 3.73s the 2-3 shift started failing...never ran faster than 12.5s and I thought for sure it would run 11s.

Anyway, with the M6 I ran a best of 8.8 @ 83 in the 1/8th, 2.20 60ft, and mortally wounded the 10 bolt. Strange 12 bolt is on the way and I've also got to figure out where some of my HP went to.

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well, lets see. i have the beastly 2.5 liter 4 cylinder engine which of course is all stock. the stock everything else (except filters) but i have the "HIGH PERFORMANCE" glass pack welded in place of the stock muffler for that sleeper look. Haha, at least i can beat most of the civics around here

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johntom said:
well, lets see. i have the beastly 2.5 liter 4 cylinder engine which of course is all stock. the stock everything else (except filters) but i have the "HIGH PERFORMANCE" glass pack welded in place of the stock muffler for that sleeper look. Haha, at least i can beat most of the civics around here
I think that's more sport compact than SBC! :idea

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1974 Chevy police interceptor block bored .030 over and cleaned up
junk 74 smog 76 cc chambered heads (gettin taken off REAL soon)
stock gm crank freshened up
TRW Forged Pistons Domed .1
Forged connecting rods
holley 650 DP carb
Edelbrock performer RPM intake
Stock HEI with MSD 8 mm heli core wires
Accel Coil

non motor stuff
LS-1 3 inch aluminum driveshaft
all emmissions equipment deleted
spohn lower control arms
energy suspension sway bar links
Pro. 5.0 shifter
never got it dynoed before i crashed the car. but it will as soon as i goes into the GTA next year.

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1991 Trans Am GTA

Mostley stock for the time being.

LB9 305 TPI
Smog Delete
EGR Delete
A/C Delete
Aluminum Driveshaft
DIY Ported and Siamesed Plenum
Radiused Runners
700R4 (Slushbox)
Loaded-but hell nothing works but one power window and power mirrors
[email protected] 2.4 60ft'

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Kevin B. said:
1991 Trans Am

ZZ4 block
AFR 210's
Diamond Pistons
Eagle H-Beams
Eagle Crank
Hooker Super Comps
CSI Elec. water pump
Moroso Oil Pan
MSD Dist.

When I have more time I'll
Sounds like a pretty rank combo. What does it run?

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Trevor86TA said:
Sounds like a pretty rank combo. What does it run?
Still working the bugs out....Right now I'm building a stout manual trans to hold the power....I've got a progressive nitrous system in the works spraying a 300 shot so I'm a little

I'll be happy with 10.50's on spray....But it will see more street use than track use....

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Just got the new combo running this past weekend. Haven't opened it up yet, but the 1st 100 miles, it feels really strong. It's nice to have a properly-operating tranny again.

Without the cat now, it has a much deeper tone. That's probably more due to the engine/cam than the removal of the cat.

Also got the headers & y-pipe Jet Hot coated while it was apart. That was a nice addition.

Another 400 miles, I'll get to open it up for the first time and see if the tranny will shift 2-3 at WOT.
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