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Hi All,

I am new to this diagnostics business, so forgive the really basic question... With that out of the way...

I have a 1994 Trans am, with an SES light. Knowing the simple paper-clip jumper trick wouldn't work, I bought an OBD Diagnostics ALDL cable and installed the excellent Scan9495 program. It works brilliantly - unfortunately, my understanding of the findings is still catching up!

I have code 34, which I understand is a MAP sensor issue and, at idle (and opening the throttle) I have zero volts on the MAP sensor reading and 10.35 kPa constant. Neither of these values change as the car runs.

Is this as simple as a MAP sensor fault? I assume the membrane has failed and I just need to switch out the sensor. I have taken the sensor off and cleaned all connectors and re-installed.

Is it this simple, or could I be missing something more sinister? I have no other errors.

Thanks in advance
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