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The government sequestration has effected my job and need to get rid of a car. It's between the 05 GTO and my 97 Trans am that is currently sitting on stands in pieces so the choice was painful but logically simple. I am currently in the process of pulling the engine, everything is ready to go, I was just waiting to get some help out to my place to get her out. I just sent my heads out to lloyd when I got my notification that hours are being cut.... I don't even have them back yet. The engine needs to come out to fix up a rear main seal leak. My question is, should I pull the engine, patch everything up, and sell it as is or part it out? I have quite a bit of parts that are brand new that I planned on installing. To save time, i'll post my CL draft that I planned on posting up. Advise from some our seasoned veterans would be great. I am looking for 5K for the car "As is" not running, or in parts if I start to chop her up. What do you guys think?
**********************************************************Testing the waters with my 97 Transam, 78K miles, Auto
I planned on building this car for the street/strip but the money has run out and my job is cutting hours. I was in the middle of pulling the engine so it does not run. I have everything disconnected so I will continue to pull and install heads/cam etc until a buyer is found. It ran strong before I began disassembling. I have over 10K in after market parts, many of them never installed. All parts are included in price, numbers only show the price for parts I paid for and did not install yet. I bought this car completely stock in September of 2011 so all parts/mods are less than two years/10k miles old. I bought every piece new. I do not plan on separating anything at the moment. If someone has the time, they could easily part this car out for more than I am asking. This car has everything needed to produce 400 RWHP and still drive on the road
Lloyd Elliot stage 2 head port job ( LE2 ). I am still waiting to get them back from shop - $1000
Lloyd Elliot intake manifold port job - $300 (Never installed)
Advanded Induction Cam Kit with 226/234 110 LSA - $1295 (Never installed). Includes the following:
• Ai Billet Steel LTx Camshaft
• Performance Springs Inc. MaxLife Beehive Springs
• CompCams Beehive Spring Steel Retainers
• Machined & Hardened Steel Locks / Keepers
• CompCams Hardened Steel Spring Locators
• OEM Quality Steel Jacketed Viton Seals
• K-Line Valve Seal Installation Driver
• ARP 7/16" Pro Series Rocker Studs
• CompCams 7702 Pushrod Length Checking Tool
• CompCams 1605 Ultra Pro-Mag Rocker Arms - 1.6 Ratio
• Ai Hardened & Black Oxided Steel Guide Plates
Suncoast Creations WS6 Ram Air Box ( Never Installed ) - $320
MSD Opti Spark ( Never Installed ) - $495
MSD OTVC wire kit - $150
Granatelli fuel pump ( Never Installed ) - $150
New AC Delco water pump
B & K Underdrive pulley ( Never Installed ) - $60
LS7 Lifters ( Never Installed ) - $140
Tockico shocks, front and back
BMR lowering springs ( Never Installed ) - $250
BMR adjustable panhard bar
Lakewood LCA's
17 " American Racing Torque Thrust II's
Brand new Nitto 555 315's in the back - $600
275's in the front, will need replaced
Armor coated Pacesetter long tubes
Pacesetter ORY
Borla Exhaust
Electrical cutout
Suncoast Creations WS6 Ram Air hood with professional body shop paint - $1500
Tinted light covers all the way around, not painted. Rear tailights/fog lights/turn signal lights
New "TransAm" lower door emblems straight from GM
Misc Items included:
Yank 2800 stall ( Never installed ) - $400
Trans go transmission kit - still in box
Full set of spark plugs still in box
2 Qts. of Royal Purple rear diff. fluid
Almost complete extra long block. I purchased another block to build the bottom end. I have everything except bottom end parts. I disassembled and gave them to a scrap metal truck that came by house while I was working on the car since I planned on going all forged. Includes extra wire harness/pcm/all accessories/intake manifold/heads etc.
Will also throw in brand new cherry picker and engine hoist

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You most likely won't get $5k for a non running, in pieces car. I would say part it out if you don't mind sitting on parts for a while. It can be tough selling parts and even tougher getting 75% of your money into them, back.

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After spending a week just staring at the car and running possible numbers over and over again I've decided I can't part ways with it. Financially, I have way too many parts still in the box to recoup much of anything and I know once this all blows over, I will end up just starting another money pit project again. Thanks for the advise.
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