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Seeking help with nitrous wiring

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I am going to be running an NX proton plus system, using a Nitrous Outlet switch panel. I am also running a WOT switch, Mallory 685, and a fuel pressure safety switch. Are there any wiring diagrams that show the basics of this?

It should go Arm>WOT>Mallory>Solenoids correct?
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Yes your order is correct, less you forgot the relay that should go before the solenoids, unless of course the panel has one built in, even then I prefer to have it directly behind the soleniods. Arm-WOT-fuel pressure safety-mallory & relay, then from relay to solenoids
You can download them from the NX site. I just did it let week. :thumbsup: :devil::LS1LT1flag::rockon:
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