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If resistor trick doesn't work, there are 2 other methods. 1st would be to program out vats from your ecm. However, your 93 has a removeable chip that complicates programing.

2nd method would be to buy a bypass module that would send the 30 hertz fuel enable signal to the ecm. Your 93 uses a 30 hertz signal while 94 and newer use a 50 hertz signal.

You can buy a 30 hertz bypass module for $35 + shipping, from the following site. Baker Electronix - GM VATS Bypass

You will also have to manually bypass the tdr (theft deterrent relay) that is what is keeping the starter from working. It is up under the dash near the passenger airbag bracket. On the 93, for some reason, it's called the starter enable relay.

Once you find the tdr, it will have 2 large yellow wires, 1 large dark green wire, and 1 smaller yellow/black wire. If you cut the yellow/black wire and splice in another piece of wire going to a good ground, if tdr is good then starter will work. has the 93 starting and charging wiring diagram you will need.
1 - 3 of 11 Posts
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