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Sea Foam help

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I am wanting to run some Sea Foam through the top end of my engine (95 formula LT1) but im not sure which vaccum hose to hook the Sea Foam to. Any ideas??
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Any vacuum line on the intake will do. Well, maybe not the fuel preassure gauge vaccume line but any other will work.
Alright thanks!!
The brake booster hose is your best bet, as it's the biggest vacuum hose and will allow you to stick a small funnel in it's end to make pouring in the sea foam easier.
The brake booster hose is your best bet, as it's the biggest vacuum hose and will allow you to stick a small funnel in it's end to make pouring in the sea foam easier.
All right thanks again! And according to the can only use 1/3 of the bottle right? The reason i am doing this is because the guy i bought the car from drove it without an air filter for about a month so im hoping the sea foam will clear out any junk in the upper part of the motor. I also am going to run it in my fuel tank to clean injectors ect. because on start up and 4th gear at low rpm if you mash the throttle it kind of feels like its missing on a cylinder but not fully missing (if that makes sense) but runs fine at high rpm.??
Here is the procedure: One can in a half to full tank, one can through brake booster hose or two but before you're done with the can try and stall your engine using the remainder of the contents inside the can, spray deep creep inside your intake really really well, let sit for 40 min to 1 hr. Start the car (keep it running. It will take a lil to start) and wait for the smoke and take it for a esy drive to blow it all out. Also, you can try and put some in your oil too since he drove with out an air filter. Everything in total should run about $100. Good luck!
all correct, but skip the deep creep on your intake.

decarbonizing your intake manifold itself by running it through your engine is stupid stupid stupid, it tends to come off in big chunks flat chunks -- unlike combustion chamber carbon, which tends to get really hot and burn off fairly efficiently

a little bit of carbon buildup in your intake actually improves airflow, as the inside of the intake is rough cast, and the carbon fills the valleys in the casting.

there is really no good performance reason for decarbonizing your intake

if you want to clean it, do it OFF THE CAR in a solvent tank
so just go through the brake booster hose and not the intake? or neither one?
You'll never get the intake perfectly clean, unless you take it off and clean it.

It will usually take around 6 cans of carb cleaner to properly clean it.
You'd be surprised how quickly that stuff goes too!

You can also dunk the manifold in a tank of diesel for 5 days, to loosen everything up...then spray it out.
Thanks for all the input guys i really appriciate it! But just one more stupid question to clarify it, should I use one whole can in the booster hose? And how much in the oil?. Thanks agian guys!!!
Depending on how bad you issue is maybe two but usually one can will work or one and a half. You can pour one can in your oil. Afterwards run it for however long you want then drain it. So one can in your tank, one to two and half cans thru booster hose, and deep creep if you choose to use it, in your intake/throttle body butterfly valve (use tooth brush to clean it). Wait about an hour and start it up and take her for an easy cruise down the street and around the block a few times. Good luck!
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