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so on sat night i decided to go out the the 'spot' and see what was going on but since all my friends were working, i had to go alone. as i exit the interstate and get on the regular road, i pass an older i pass him slowly, we exchange looks and i continue on my way. then out of nowhere, i hear a ****ing jet flying next to me. well i thought i did, turns out it was the twin turbo 97 cobra i just passed by. this thing was ****ing amazing. i dropped it in 1st and goosed it a little so he knew i was game. i pull into a turn lane and he follows suit and comes next to me. we exhange a few words and he follows me into a local circuit city parking lot. he asks to look under my hood and i ablidge and then he pops his to show me the twins. you could barley see them since the were behind the bumper by the headlights, but if you were looking for them they could be seen. you could barley see the intercooler, but if you were looking for one you would notice it.

after that we headed out to a local kroger and met up with another guy with a procharged mach 1 with about 465-475 rwhp. we stayed there for a little while and let all the ricers do there thing and come and look at the cobra and mach, then they all left in a hurry. while we were there my friend lee who has a stage 2 roush came over and talked to me and said the ricers were all going out to aberdeen to race since the cops wont bother anyone out there (its an industrial section of the city). after the guy in the cobra and the guy in the mach left, my friend lee asked if i would follow him to get his roush and head out to race. of course i said yes.

when we got to aberdeen i stood and watched the ricers race and picked out who i thought were the fastest. i chose a white srt4 with a turbo upgrade and some other stage upgrades from mopar, and a primer civic hatch with a b20(?) swap and a large turbo. all the people stand at the finish line to watch the race, so i got in my car and headed to the starting line to see if i could run those two. well, little did i know that this would be the shorest race of my life. this section of road is nice and straight, and the cops wont come....but its also short as shit. maybe 1/16 mile long, if that.

anyway, i drove down to the starting line and my friend lee asked the srt4 if he wanted to race. he said yes and we lined up. i tried to launch at 3k, but i spun thru 1st and had to let off and then spun a little in 2nd (cold tires), but i was still ahead of the srt4. the race was over before right as i shifted into 3rd (75-80mph), and the srt4 was a few cars back. we both went back to the start line and the guy in the srt4 sayed i had a 'badass m-f'in car.' i asked if he wanted to go again, and he said 'f*ck no, man.' my friend lee started asking other people if they wanted to race, but apparantly the srt4 was one of the fastest, so noone else would.

after waiting for a while, i just pulled up to the starting line and waited for someone to line up with me, but noone would. i sat there for about 5 minutes when the srt4 came back and said he would run me again if i gave him a car and the hit. so i did, and it was the same outcome, except i 'launched' at 1500 so i didnt spin. i was ahead by alot since i had traction....but the srt4 didnt even finish the race, he stopped halfway and turned around. LOL. then the guy in the primer hatch said he would run me if i gave him two cars and the hit, so i did....and it was the same as the srt4.... after that a guy in a a4 lt1 Z28 with exhaust said he wanted to run me. i figured he would launch better since he was a4, but i had him from the start and it was pretty bad at the end. lol. the the srt4 came back, again, and said he wanted to go again....but i had to go from a roll and give him two cars and the hit....i didnt beat him, but i was next to him at the finish. after that he said he was done with me for the night. then a white turbo awd volvo who was beating all the imports asked me to race just for fun, and we did. but he didnt outlaunch me like he shouldve, we pretty much we even at the launch and then i had him by a car or two at the finish...

then we stopped racing and some bikes came out and were doing wheelies and other tricks, and i see a blue wrx pull up. this thing was clean, and had a huge turbo and sounded damn good too. he wanted to race the srt4 and they did and this guy straight murdered him...i mean, it was bad, real when they were finished i asked the wrx if he wanted to run and he said yes so we lined 'em up. i rev to 1500 and get ready, and he revs to probably redline (sounded like it), and the flagged raised his arms, and then dropped them.... then it got bad... :( he pulled 2 cars instantly. it was insane how good he launched. but thats awd for ya. i couldnt pull ahead since it was so short, but i was even with him at the end. we lined up again with the same result. the 'track' was too short for me to win, but he even commented that on the highway or the 1/4 i would murder him. but goddamn his launch was crazy.

sorry it was so long, thanks for reading :)
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