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Hey there my name is Brandon from Pennsylvania. I'm 20 and I own a 94' Z28 (medium quasar blue, t-top, automatic :(, 187k miles). I bought it used and it had 3 prior owners I believe. There was a lot done to it already when I bought it such as cold air intake, exhaust, different rims, etc. I've been seeking to get a new exhaust system and I'm pretty new to "customizing a car". If anyone has any suggestions of things to do, stuff to use, or any random things to know, please speak your mind!

Here's is a video I put up a couple years ago with the car.

If anyone has any suggestions for anything let me know. And if anyone could take a guess at what kind of exhaust it is, that's be awesome lol.

Happy surfing!
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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