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Required wiring for an LT1 going into an old car

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I have a complete 94 Z28 drivetrain, with all the wiring, engine/body, going into a 1968 Impala SS. Beyond the obvious engine related wiring, what else will be required to fire this bad boy up? I'll be sending off the computer to have things disabled that I won't be needing, but I don't know what other wiring I'll need to complete this project. Thanks.
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LT1 will probably answer your question.
Yah, I have him bookmarked and will be sending the computer out this week for him to work his magic on it. I will have to revisit his site to find out if the information I need is there. If not, maybe I'll ask him for some pointers.
Also 94 factory service manual, with all wiring diagrams, is available to download in 4th gen section. Look for thread titled "GM service manuals.

For the 68 impala, you may be able to find some wiring diagrams at BBB Industries- Premium Alternators, Starters, Power Steering Products
Don't know if they go back that far, but it's worth a try.
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