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Replacing plugs and wires with Headers

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Hey guys, I am looking for any advice / tricks to replacing my plugs and wires, it looks near impossible to get to the passenger side. A friend said i need to remove my Y pipe and starter :( The car has Edelbrock short headers. I have a set of MSD 8mm wires that I want to install, but they came with straight boots for the opti side, and my original set has 90 degree boots on some of the wires. Will the straight boots work without causing a problem, or should I order the MSD 90 degree boots ($20 for 2)and $75 dollar MSD crimp tool ? Are there any swivel sockets or short plug sockets that will make it easier to replace the plugs. Lastly what's the best spark plug for the LT1 with minor mods? I am thinking about the new Diamond Fire E3 - has anyone tried these? Thanks
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you are going to need angled boots for PS opti so just buy the correct wire set and don't f around with making the ones you have work. Magnacore 8.5 are like $115 from Lingenfelter

NGK-TR55 plugs or just put in the AC Delco Platniums if you want a 100k mi plug

take a plug socket and modify it like the pic. cut the one side out and take some off the part the ratchet goes into

I have just pulled the stock brackets that hold the plug wires off from underneath and asembled the new wires in them on the bench and re-installed. also on PS go through the wheel well to access the wire loom clips you need to with a screw driver.

'you don't want to do this job again so do it right
My 97 has all straight ends on the opti... Not sure where a 90 would even be benefitial. As for pass side I have never done with those headers.. but I'm sure taking thouse off Wil make it easier. I used to have to kneel on my intake to do that side.. as for tricks.. kiss your knuckles buy bye and get a 5/8 socket with all extension and swivels and have at it. I like autolites but really its personal preference..
Just throwing my two cents in but my 94 also has straight ends on the opti as well and seems to clear everthing fine and with long tubes I am able to reach from the top and go under the tubes with a socket and ratchet and maybe a short extension in a spot or two to get the plugs changed
Thanks for your help and the pic of the modified socket! I am getting ready to replace my waterpump and install an MSD Cap&Rotor and MSD coil. I definitely only want to do this once, and I've got really big hands, so it's gonna Suck I'm sure. Your socket looks like an O2 Sensor socket removal tool, but I'm not sure it's the same size. Also should the plugs be gapped different / wider for a bigger cam? Thanks
Thanks ! Wish me luck, I'm gonna need all I can get :)
Thanks ! I have not jacked it up and removed the PS wheel yet to look for clearance yet, but I will tomorrow . :)
Why are you even messing with power steering for plugs n wires? If its anything like My 97 they are not affiliated.
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