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Replacing AC in 95 LT1... Having issues routing and installing Hoses...

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So as the title states, i am trying to fit the AC back into my car. I bought all new components but am having a bugger of a time fitting the hose assembly on the back of the compressor and into the car. I can get the compressor in the car pretty easily, but not with the hose assembly on it. even with out the compressor I cannot get the hose assembly in its spot... what all do i have to take off the car to do this? Im thinking the swaybar needs to come off, but I really dont want to break the end links. can anyone snap a pic from the underside so I can see how it fits? and if anyone has pointer as to how to get this in that would be GREAT!
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so, Nothing?
About the only thing I can suggest is to go to the sticky threads of this section and download the 4th gen parts books.

They have exploded views of compressor mounting, hose assemblies, etc.
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