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Repaintin the car

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In general, what would it cost to get a 4th generation F-Body a new paintjob? Post whatever info you have to offer. Thanks guys.
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prep ur car urself and bring it to maaco just for the spray.....thats prob the cheapest way to get it done and it will come out good cause the only prob with maaco is in the prep they suck at it lol so do it urself....any real professional places are prob gonna cost well over 1000 bucks
lol i dunno about recomending macco for anything.... but some say there not that bad...when getting a paint job there is a simple thing behind it.... you get wat you pay for!
lol i know what ur sayin ....but thats y i said to do the prep urself....maaco will paint it fine...its really not that hard to screw that up ...y their jobs usually suck is because they do a horrible job on the prep....i mean if ur lookin for the cheapest way to get it done....u do get what u pay for
I would say for a good job between 1000-1500 for a standard color. I painted my old 86z for the blue base, silver stripes, and clear coat I had about 600 in paint.
well maacos prep sucks, but at the same time, they are a production shop. they usually aim to paint around 10-11 cars a day. that means they arent going to take their time painting it, not going to wait the proper flash times in between coats, and that can really screw things up, and make the job look like shit. especially if there is any metallic in the color.

1000-1500 for a good paint job would be one hell of a deal. i would say minimum 2000-2500 for a real nice job, around here, and thats if you do not need all the jams sprayed. you can add at least another 500 for that.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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