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350 Chevy bored 30
B&M Cam designed for the 144 Blower that is on the engine
Hydraulic lifters
750 manifold referenced Holley

I recently had problems with my engine, per this thread. I replaced my lifters, and 2 bent push rods, 2 broken rocker studs, and 1 pushed through rocker arm - for a total of 5 valves that weren't working (engine still ran though

With that all happening, I did have some backfires through the carb, so I replaced the power valve on it as well.

Now that it is together, it is running Great!

However, both headers (Sanderson block huggers) are literally red hot in the center, where all 4 tubes gather. I had this in the past and came to a conclusion on something, and I seemed to fix it.

But I don't know why it would be back now.

I'm not offering what I had done, as I'm interested in what you folks here think, without my planting any ideas. If what I had done in the past was it, I wouldn't think I would have it now.

What do you think?

Appreciate your thoughts.

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does it glow red at idle or at full throttle, rough guess, at idle its retarded ignition timing advance it 10* see if it cools at the hot spot.--- at full throttle, try .010 larger jet in carb secondaries, if injected lengthen the pulse width time on. tuning will always be the magic of engines. RON
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