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rear end is shot. what works?

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i got a 97Z28. the rear end is done and before a mesh the gear and send the wheels into the fender i gotta replace it. would anything besides another ten bolt bolt in directly? like could i get a 12 in it with modification and fabricating?? or am i stuck with getting another 10 bolt? any advice would be appreciated thanks guys
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There's several topics on this in the archives . 9" or strange d60 . Depends on power out put . But if your just wanting to get a better upgrade the 9 " . The 12 bolt has tunnel issues especially if its been lowered . Do a search and that will get you more info .
im just looking for a direct replacement. in my previous post i meant i want to do it WITHOUT fabrication and custom work. i messed up. what will be a option besides another ten bolt if possible....
Well ... Nothing . Lol unfortunately it's the 10 bolt .
they make 9 inch rears that are mostly just bolt in and bolt on your brakes and go. but its pricey
MWC fab 9" was a complete bolt in.
Strange and Moser both make a bolt in 12 bolt and Dana 60 for 3rd and 4th gens. Moser also sells a 9" as does MWC. There are no real clearance issues on a 12 bolt. Some of the aftermarket arms are the clearance they can be an issue even on a 10 Dolt...
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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