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Thanks again to Mike Horist from for this valuable tuning information!!!

Quick Links:
Learning to Tune:
--Tuner Software-Tuning 101|

--HP Tuners .bin Repository|

--Predator Tuning 101|

Fuel Trim Cells:

--Fuel Trim Cell Discussion|

Injector Tuning:

--Tuning SVO Injectors|

--Injector Scaling Calculations|

--Injector Duty Cycle Calculations|

MAF and VE Tuning:

--*NEW*How the MAF Works*NEW*|

--MAF Table Tuning (Dialing in the MAF Table)|

--VE Table Cracked!|

--VE Table Tuning -- Now Hesitation when driving|

--Tuning VE via fuel trims|

Torque Converter/Shifting Tuning

--Torque Converter locks/unlocks after larger converter install -- FIX|

Idle Tuning:

--Stop drilling those Throttle Bodies!|

--Idle Operation Part 1|

--MAF and Running Airflow Tables|


--Service Engine Soon (SES) Lookup and Diagnostics|

--Detailed Diagnostic Information|

--GM Driving Cycle (Completing OBDII tests)|

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How do I disable or exclude the relay drivers that I'm not going to use in my swap. Is it an ignore code thing. I've seen some in flags and switches but not the air pump, canister purge. using tunerpro, Thanks, Tim

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looks like we over look our sponsors, like trifecta Preformance. but good info
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