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racing tonight !

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meet up tonight

doin some " hangin out "tonight...supposed to have a bunch of people meet up at wendys on route 20 marlborough ...anyones welcome
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hmmmmm........ :thumbsup:
u should stop by dunks after anthony....and whos racing who?
dam, wont be able to make it down tonight maybe next time tho. what kinda cars usually race down there?
usually its just me smacking on some rice....but now we got some evos and srt4s' comin and they are all about beatin up on ls1's ... so we should show them wats up
real smart posting this on an open forum....

"Why dont ya just go down to the police station in a big red clown suit, and let everyone know what we're doing down here..."
hmm had no trouble last night... saw one cop when we were all there and he said hey wats up guys and left
Forum're all under arrest for attempted street racing....
C Murda said:
Forum're all under arrest for attempted street racing....

I'm innocent, I swear...
oh snap i thought i could doge that murda guy by i guess my 4th gen isnt fast enough haha
1 - 10 of 10 Posts
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