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Raced a cammed 3rd gen

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tonight after class i raced a cammed third gen from a 20 roll.
through first we stayed about even when i hit 2nd i was gone. didnt even look back. it was great, cause this kids been talking shit the whole
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always feels good to shut up a shit talker doesnt it ?
Sure is fun doing that. :D
nice job on the kill!!
nice kill, what you drive?? i gotta ask (im a thirdgen owner) what car and what motor did you race? if it was stock with just a cam and not a TPI motor then its worthless anyway. and even if it was a 305 TPI (which i have) and not a 350 TPI then its still kinda slow. ive ran a best 9.17 @ 78 with headers and full exhaust.

BTW where you live in Louisville? im in J-town and i go to U of L
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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