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Quick question about cats

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I have a 96 formula with dual cats. I am in the process of removing the cats and I need to drive the car later today. I was wondering if driving the car with only one cat is bad for it since the backpressure will be uneven. I don't want to sound rude but I would like an answer soon.
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Im gonna be honest with you, Ive never heard of someone doing this. But my best advice would be to to just put the cat back on until you can actually remove both of them.

And if its already off, I would honestly not drive it. Probably gonna throw a code too.
Just remove both?

I wouldn't think a day or.two would cause any issues.. I accidentally.did it for a few days a long time ago with no adverse effects... Since I know I'm gonna get.asked.. I blew one out and didn't realize it right away.
other than throwing codes it won't "hurt" anything to drive with one CAT for a short period.

Just disconnect battery to clear codes if you don't have a code reader
The left side cat is right at the end of the exhaust manifold. Besides being louder than heck and no O2 input, it might not be so good for the engine. I'd find another ride or put it back together.
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