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Questions about Accel Pro Ram

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Ok havent been on here in a while. Been on LS1tech getting all sorts of info for turbo LQ4 build. But I know this is the spot for LT questions. So I'm hoping bobdec and others step in.

I'm still torn on doing nitrous LT or turbo LQ4. But anyways, with the Accel Pro Ram intake on the LT,

1. With tuning the codes out could I still pass emissions using a "old school" distrubutor? I would imagine it still would because maybe the crank sensor will still pick up RPM's, and I'd still be using fuel injectors and rails, with the throttle body mounted in place of a carb.

2. Where would I buy one of these. I see Tanner is using one on his LT camaro. But I cant seem to find one. Found one on ebay, but no fuel rails.

3. I hear it has to be modified to fit. What has to be done to make it fit, use a distributor, and throttle body.
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BTW I posted this in the tuning section because I'm mostly concerned about passing emissions through tuning codes out. If I cant pass emissions then the rest doesnt matter
you can make anything pass sniffer-type emissions testing if you can tune it and you have a lot of patience; it's just AFR, timing, temperature..

as far as that intake goes, why do you want to do that? what are you hoping to gain?
I really wish my car was a 95 but unfortunately its a 96. I currently pass by tuning out EGR, rear 02's, so on and so on. I want the intake to have evenly distributed air. Plus I'd like to run a fogger nitrous system. After making so much hp I've read that with stock style intakes, even if ported, doesnt have the best distribution, and the same with using a nitrous plate on throttle body. I could go direct port, but that still doesnt solve the air flow problem.

Oh yea, and the third reason is to loose the optispark and run a distributor
Never dug into this.. so I really can't answer..I do know the '96 PCM will not run w/o OPTI pulses.. the pulses calculate RPM needed for fueling calculation (picks injectors) and managing idle. Also other things you could work around like fuel pump running. The CS in the Lt1 OBD2's is only used for misfire detection, not for ignition like the LS1 and newer setups. There may be alternatives that I just don't know about.
Hmm, well it doesnt really seem possible then. I'm really starting to hate emission laws. Guess I'm back to weighing the pros and cons of LS swap.... Thanks for the info bobdec, you're always a help
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