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Prothane mount passenger side question

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Bought a set of Lt1 Prothane motor mounts in the clamshells.
I think the passenger side might be in the clamshell wrong.

Any one have a picture of the proper orientation of the mount in the clamshell, passenger side? Specifically the metal tabs that stick out of the mount.

Or how about an install guide or how to for the Prothane mounts with pics.
They seem a bit different than Energy Suspension.
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Sorry.. maybe energy suspension has an illustration on their site??
If you are running poly motor mounts, I would suggest also to go along with them a NAPA rubber transmission mount too.
If those metal tabs are giving you a problem I am assured that you can grind them away.

LT1 fits SBC and SBC fits LT1 in motor mounts.
Pass mount laying flat should have the two peaks pointing up. If you look at the bracket then look at the mount you will see a pattern on how to install. This goes for both sides.
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