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Project "Def Wish"

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I'd like to introduce you to my newest Project, I call her "Def Wish". A Black2000 Trans Am Convertible. So what's the big deal ? Her powerplant is a 540ci Big Block Chevy with a 1050 Dominator Carb! The Transmission is a Turbo 400 with a reverse valve body and 5500 stall converter with a Moser 12 bolt rear end,33 spline axles a spool with 3.73 rear gears. I bought this as a running project from a buddy of mine in Wisconsin. It is my task to finish up this incredible build, enough story onto the pictures and video!


Click here for video! (Running through headers only)

A video of idle ...Headers,Y-pipe running through a flowmaster

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Wasnt this for sale on ebay? I remember seeing it before
I can ask my buddy but he never mentioned it!

There was a black convertible with the same hood and no headlights on ebay lol so it had to be it, very nice though!
Yeah it's the first BBC convertible combo I've even heard about

So sick
Thats one scary combo, looks great!
any suspension or bracing to hold the beast together?
Building 2x3 1/4" wall tubing to tie everything together,recessing it into the floor pan- I'm hoping for a street car that has the ability to run 9.99 at the track. Should be a fun project!

Awesome my buddie has a 67 camaro with a merlin gen 3 540, with brodix bb2 heads put down 676 hp to the tires n/a it is a beast, bet yours will be just as beastly...
i only have one question. with a 4.56 gear, hows it going to be decently streetable??
The biggest issue I am going to have will be the 5500 stall, the 4.56 will just provide the low end needed to pass semi's and prius's!

nice, i didnt think big blocks needed that much stall because of all the torque but im really curious to she what it does
So what's the latest?
Upgrading heads to Dart 355's with a larger Intake to supply the volume this large of an engine requires.

Still doing alot of the wiring the car didn't have (brake lights,headlights, turn signals,gauges). Having a custom rollcage built that won't be seen with the top up- required to even make a single pass at my local track.

Dang that's a little much. But atleast it's safe
What estimated time do you think this will run?
1 - 20 of 30 Posts
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