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OK so its an 86 mustang but I'll post it for comparison.

Basically this is a totally bux down car that is ugly and has been relatively good to me. 302 block with a set of used .030 over TRW flat tops, a Comp 218/224 hyd roller cam, 70 model 302 heads with used Chevy 1.94/1.5 valves (10:1 comp), a little port work on the heads - really not much, Performer RPM intake and a 1" spacer, Ebay Holley 600DP, and the only semi high dollar item was a new set of Crane Blazer roller rockers. I believe I had just around $600 in the entire engine - carb to pan. 2800 stall converter, C4 tranny, 4.10 gear Southside lower control arms and Jegs adjustable upper arms and 29x11.5 ET streets (VERY tight fit)

The car dyno'd at 203hp to the wheels and a typical run would be:

60: 1.94
1/8: 8.39-8.44
mph: 83

best 1/4 time was 13.29

Oh yeah it weighs 3180 with me in it and a full tank.
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