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Post your converter

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What converter is everyone running? Company, size, STR, etc.

I have a Edge Racing Converters 9.5" 3400 rpm 2.45 STR converter. Absolutly love it. I figure even w/ the meager setup I have now I can still cut low to mid 1.8s if not better w/ the addition of this converter... '

Look forward to seeing what everyone else is running...
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Had: TCS 3200/2.5
Have: TCI 4000/2.7

TCS was an awesome street converter, perfect for a car that doesn't really care about ET and just wants more performance on the street.

The TCI 4000 isn't too bad on the street (I'm used to it now) and I cant wait to see what it'll do at the track. I'm hoping for 60's in the 1.6X range with this converter, 3.42 gears, 26x11.5 ET Streets, and some luck, even if it is a 1.69. :)

FWIW, now that I've went with the 4000 stall, I'd never go back to another "small stall" so to speak. 3600 would be the absolute bottom I'd think of going and that would have to be a nitrous application. If I ever feel like my stall is too big a quieter exhaust will make it much less noticable. I get by just fine though with my true duals and 4000 stall. :)
grr im still waiting on mine
Vigilante 3200 9.5 with lock up

I also had my tranny upgrade too. I got FSK Z pack, upgraded sun shell, HD shift kit, 2-4 powerband kev super duty and 4th servo piston. It shifts pretty fast. No more delay. I hope to get a video up this weekend.
TH400 in the '57: ACC Boss Hog 2800-3200 advertised stall, actually stalls at 3500 for me. Not sure what size they call it, between 9 & 10", I'd guess. Probably more than this engine needs, but it puts it solidly in the power band and launches great with consistent 60'.

TH700 in the Camaro: Restalled stock lockup by a local outfit. They thought it would stall around 1800-2000, it stalled 2300 behind the 305. I haven't tried yet with the 350, waiting until the break-in is complete before I do that. My guess is that it will be higher, but still slightly short of the powerband.
I have an 9.5" EDGE 4000 stall 2.5str
9.5 EDGE, 2800

i would probably go with 3200-3400 next time
9.5 midwest 3400 2.0 str
Precision 9inch Vigilante 5disc 3200 stall converter
A modified 11" from a Powerglide on my th350. It went 3200 behind a milder small block so I thought I'd get a bit more out of it but due to the unresponsivness of my carb, it only went about 2800 on the first weekend out. My best 60' was at part throttle and was 1.81.:thumbdown

Once I get my car running good I'll see what it does. If I feel its leaving time on the table, she's gone...:poke:

I'm going with a Fuddle once the funds start rollin in again.
TH400 9" COAN ~3700 stall.. built for my camshaft and engine setup...Dont need too mcuh stall with a turbo car.. :)
wow seems like we all got some nice set ups...i cant wait for mine when i get some more green
Funny, over at Tech a 4000 stall is middle of the road. Here a 4000 stall is the biggest anyone has posted up as having. :lol:
I dont want/need a big stall with a turbo.. ;)
I understand that...Its funny...I have about 700HP MORE than before..yet I have less stall than before...LOL..
Yank SS4200, 2.7 STR, low 1.5x 60's.
I'm seeing A LOT more small stall cars even on tech, no one wants a 4000+ in a street car.

vig3600, 2.4str, 3.23's and on nittos SI it was in the 1.58 range with good track prep.. mostly 1.60's since I couldnt hammer it :thumbdown

with et streets she saw 1.55's somewhat getting on it.. I would hope for 1.46-1.50's if I knew the 10bolt would hold :poke: :cancan:

the verter is 4 years old also and going good knock on wood
hughes 4000 stall 2.5 str
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