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Ported intake manifold on eBay?

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Has anyone here bought a ported intake manifold off eBay from seller: jscottwrxsti2004? It says it's fully ported and will support over 500 hp. It seems kind of cheap if it's as good as they make it sound, wondering if anyone has given it a try. They seem to be selling, I've put it on my watch list twice and both times it has been sold fairly quickly. Just don't want to buy a poorly ported manifold. Thanks for the help.
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Chad golen at golen perf engines sells a very nice ported 58mm intake for 450 very nice work
.......It says it's fully ported and will support over 500 hp.......
And if I say I can port you an intake that will support 550 HP, would you buy one from me?

Lloyd Elliot and Advance Induction both = proven results.

Jus' sayin' :) .

Yeah, I should just stick with a proven brand, thanks.
What's your power goal?
If it's 550 NA crank hp or less, stick with the stock GM unported manifold.
Stock manifolds are even supporting 500+ RWHP in a few cars.
If it's a power adder application, then the stock manifold supports even more.
Initially, I'm only going for about 450 hp, but I may consider supercharging it later on. Mainly I wanted to put a larger 58mm throttle body on and I thought I needed a ported intake manifold to use it.
Hey Roadmaster...I have purchased a fully ported intake from J Scott and I am very pleased. Im nowhere near 500 HP, but I placed a TPiS 58mm TB as well as some other mods and she works like a charm. I did a core swap with my old intake and the price is right.

In sum: It works and I haven't had a problem.
Oh good, that's what I was looking to hear. I'm considering it for a 383, if I give him a core it's an unbeatable price.
And he'll paint the intake to match the color of the car. Check out my profile pictures...he does a great job! Good Luck!!!
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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