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popping sound from tail pipe

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I have a 94z that is making a popping sound from the passenger tail pipe. I have a straight pipe from engine back. Then it splits off. Passenger side goes straight out and drivers side goes through a borla muffler. If any of that helps. I'm sure there's is a name for that type of exhaust but I don't know.

Anyway, the sound is almost like a grease popping sound. High pitched like dropping ice in a fryer. It is louder when revved.

Engine sounds fine as far as I can tell.

Any help?
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When there is little restriction, it is gonna pop. A resonator might help or a different exhaust system. Borla's are know for their raspy sound. You might even have the kind that can utilize various size restrictor plates that direct more of the exhaust through the muffler.
Yeah I mean it has the normal pop that you would expect. But this type of popping clicking just started yesterday. I've never heard it before.

Could plugs cause this as well? I've noticed lately that I've been getting some skipping. Mostly in 4th gear around 2k to 2500 rpm.
If you are having a misfire, it could be allowing more fuel into the exhaust and causing some change in exhaust behavior.
Might be the problem. I'll change the plugs and see what that does.
At the shop now. I'll update on what the deal is. Lets hope for the best.
So, here's the verdict as of right now. He couldn't hear anything with the engine. But he did see where the A.I.R. had been bypassed and the tube had not been sealed off very well. So he welded it to stop from leaking. Lets see if that did the trick.
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