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Didn't have very much sucess this weekend.

Pulled an all nighter on Friday night getting my buddies 442 ready for its mayden voyage. His TC was locking in reverse and stalling the car. Swapped to a junk backup tranny and got everything else ready to go. Took it for a test drive at 8am and then headed for the track to see what his fresh 425 BBO would do without the Kooks headers that haven't shipped yet, a stock converter/big cam, and street tires (ran out of time to mount the slicks. He ended up pulling 14.0s @ 102 after we borrowed a 35 squirter (his Pro Systems carb was 40/40) and it sort of moved off the line.

Anyways, I was actually doing alright in qualifying runs in the morning. I was paired up with a friend (points leader) in the first round and got by him. Got a season vetran in the second round and treed him (.041 to .062) but gave it back with a .006 break out and my day was over.

On Sunday I was driving for a friend. The car went a best-ever pass first thing in the morning but later had major engine trouble on the 3rd hit :pale. My girlfriend was racing the GTA I drove on Saturday so I threw my number on our 92 Acclaim for the 4th run and eliminations. I tried to deep stage on the practise run but drew a red light so I didn't do that in the eliminations. Got paired with another vetran and ran the dial in with a 2(on the brakes) but I was several car lengths behind as the car took almost .400 to come off the light. :z I'd like to think it was more the car than the driver. Somehow the little 3.0 picked up on the second run from a 2.71 60' to a 2.54'. Not sure what happened as I am sure it didn't spin on run 1.

Long story short, I only managed to win 1 round all weekend and have my work cut out for me on the last half of the season if I want to be at the top of the standings.
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