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plugs keep fouling HELP PLEASE !!!!!

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ok im new to here . hi to everyone . well i have a 95 formula that i just got that keeps fouling the plugs on me , the car has alot of mods done to it also .

list of mods done by the last owner .
le1 heads unknown springs
comp pro mag 1.6 rr
comp hi energy push rods
holley 58mm throttle body
accel 30lb injectors
pacesetter long tube headers
ory pipe
comp custom grind cam 233/236 - .569/.555 109lsa
csr electric water pump
and a suposed pcm for less tune

my problem is that the car started fine one second and then when i needed to move it it seemed like it flooded when it ran fine a hr before . also i changed the fuel filter and the plugs already. i have no idea where to start with these lt1 motors , my last 94 formula never gave me a single problem .any help so i can get these beast on the road would be great ,

thanks in advance .
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Place to start is to put it on a scanner that does real time running sensor data. Look to see what your o2's, fuel trims, ect, and so on are reading. If you don't have any idea what the data means, pm me with your e-mail address and I'll send you the pdf file of "sensor readings and what they mean".

If you don't have a scanner, or one that only does codes, may I suggest getting a special cable that hooks car's dlc to usb port of a laptop. Then you can download the trial version of the program DataMaster which is good for 20 free data scans. If interested, let me know and I'll post up links to where to get these things.

Also consider the trial version of Tunercat obd1 tuner. It's good for 30 days, but you will have to pony up 20 dollars to get the $EE definition file, which the program needs to read your 95 pcm.

The reason for Tunercat obd1 tuner is, you can read the contents of your 95's pcm and compare it to a stock tune. Then you can be sure if your car has been tuned or not. And if your willing to learn how to tune, you can do the tune yourself with tunercat.

Tunercat site has a package that includes obd1 tuner, $EE definition file, cable, and DataMaster for around $250.

If you need a bin file of the stock tune, I can send you mine from my 95. The only change is the cooling fan turn on temp is lower than stock.
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