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plug on opti? unplugged wire? passanger side tune up!!!

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EDIT: 1994 firebird Formula LT1 4L60E

well 1st time under my "new" LT1 firebird and WOW

1. on the driver side of the opti under the plugs theres a tube thats blocked off by what appears to be orange gasket maker..... im 99.9% sure this didn't come like that so WHY or WTF is that for?

2. while under the car i found a unplugged pig tail i cant follow it all the way but it leads to right where the battery is and then it goes into a mess of wires, the colors of the wires are yellow with a black stripe and Black. Any Clue what these are for? the ground side of it seems to be corroded...

3. Not 100% sure how to change the plugs on the passanger side, is it normal to have to jack up the motor abit? the EGR tube is in the way of the only plug i could get my hands on underneath or above. However if anyone saw my other threads im pretty sure this car was in dire need of a tune up! so im pretty sure my car is gunna run alot better then before and not leave me stranded anymore :).
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if memory serves me correctly I think there was recall on the air system (I think) that was located under the battery-ish area. I believe this is relevant to 96-97 lt1. but not knowing your year is hindering people helping you. give us more info and maybe that will get more people chiming in.
Including the year is helpful, if not mandatory, when asking questions. Not everything is the same on all years. Pics also increase your chances of getting good input.

I suspect you have a vented opti (or at least a cap) that someone has tinkered with. It should look like this, but I assume that because there is no year info.
also the tube that is coming of the opti is probably a vent tube. why someone stuck rtv in there is probably they didn't know where it went and didn't want water in there so they plugged it. I found screws to be better plugs but to each their own.
Not sure your year but in later years that's a vent hole that should have a vacuum line from the manifold to it.

Not near My car.. or sure the year of yours .. check out

As for the pass side you get um from up top.. blind.. all feel.. atleast that's how I do mine... If you go from underneath you prob gotta remove ypipe or starter to make it easier.. shouldn't need to jack the engine.. oh and kiss your knuckles goodbye
thanks everyone and with my forearms i can't get in there to do the passanger side and my friend is what i like to call alil *****, so imma bring it to my local shop normally only charges a few $ for me to do just about anything which helps me out alot because im kinda like a realilistic version of Popeye without the twitch

anywho edited with car info
after trying a univeral socket and 9" ext. i got the pass side rear plug changed and now it's 2 dark to see anything tomorrow i will finish up unless it's poring rain which is normally what happens when i want to work on a car, I SWEAR AS THIS FORUM AS MY WITNESS MY NEXT PLACE WILL HAVE A GARAGE!!!
you'll find small hands and a short box wrench gets most of the plugs out without problems, but its WAY easier and less bloody to just unbolt the manifolds and y-pipe.
i got them i started thinking simpler and actually found a 1" extension actually worked pretty great, after getting it #4,6 were done almost instantly and #2 and 8 were pretty damn easy as well just had to put the body the right way and find holes for my hands
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